“Flip Your Perspective” by Nina Petruzzo

Flip Your Perspective; The Benefits of Handstands!

by Nina Petruzzo

Get on your hands and flip your perspective by exploring handstands!

Strength and Stability; The handstand is a great way to build strength in the arms and shoulders as well as into the forearms, hands and even fingers.  Weight bearing into muscles and joints we don’t typically use in our everyday life (through sitting and walking) creates strength, stability, and mobility into these areas.  By learning to weight bear safely into these muscles and joints we create longevity and also empower ourselves by creating this strength and stability, which can quickly translate into a powerful inner strength both on and off the mat.

Flipping Our Perspective; Not only does being upside reverse the flow to bring fresh, oxygenated blood to our upper bodies, providing an instant mood and energy boost, but handstands also force us to change our perspectives (literally!), this can lead to cultivating new thoughts and understanding different perspectives (yes to more flexible thinking!).

Focus and Balance; The handstand requires diligent focus and attention in order to find the delicate balance of the effort and return necessary to sustain the posture. We must fully be able to “yoke” or bring together both mind and body to find the balance in this posture and ultimately arrive us directly to the present moment.

Play; It’s easy to take life too seriously and get wrapped up in self doubt and self judgement. By exploring handstand we give ourselves permission to play, have fun, and find pure joy and acceptance in what is. Knowing its okay to fall down as long as we learn something new, laugh, and forgive ourselves knowing that we are trying our best each and everyday.

It’s most important to be more interested in the process over trying to arrive at our expected outcomes 🙂

Join Nina at Ballast Point Brewing on April 23rd for her “Flip Your Perspective; Handstands!” Workshop!

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