“Tune Up Your Practice” by Nina Petruzzo

Meet Nina Petruzzo! 

Our “Tune Up Your Practice” Workshop Leader and Hoppy Yoga Teacher!

Tell us a little about yourself:  My name is Nina Petruzzo.  I am originally from a small beach town on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and have happily been living under the San Diego sunshine for almost 4 years.  I live for quiet morning walks along the beach, good conversation and laughter with friends, my yoga practice which keeps me grounded and connected, avocados, traveling to new places, creative time, and a really great book (I am a total book nerd!).

What’s your favorite beer? Thats a tough one, I’m very partial to hoppy and bitter IPAs, however I have been kind of obsessed lately with Green Flashes Cosmic Ristretto.

What’s your favorite pose? I’m pretty fascinated with the feet right now (they are our foundation!), so I’ve been finding ways to activate and balance the arches of my feet in almost every posture.  I would say at the moment coming to the top of my mat in Tadasana, grounding my feet to connect to the earth, balancing my spine, and setting an intention has become my favorite posture at the moment.

Nina Petruzzo

Favorite place to practice yoga? On my mat, in my room, I have a tiny space with a small alter I’ve created of my crystals, inspirational quotes, and my props.  Most mornings of the week I wake up super early and do my home practice in this small but sweet space I’ve created for myself.

Why do you do yoga? TO CONNECT. Yoga to me is connection; connection to myself, my body, my breath, my mental states, connection to community; friends, students, and new people I meet, and connection to all beings everywhere; I practice to cultivate awareness, patience, gratitude, presence, acceptance, and compassion to myself so that I am able to be and give these things to all beings.

What would a yogi expect to get out of the workshop? To learn everything about yoga! Haha just kidding, but this workshop will serve as a great tune up/check in to how we are practicing.  This workshop is for new, seasoned, and practitioners that may just feel like they are in a “yoga rut”. We will break down the functional alignment for YOUR body of many of the fundamental postures including; down dogs, warriors, lunges, standing postures, etc. to build deeper awareness, connection, strength, and integrity to many of the poses we may tend to “check out” in or continue to be confused by especially if we have been practicing for a long time or if you feel rushed when you typically practice. We will also review how to transition in and out of poses safely for injury prevention and longevity of practice.

Nina Petruzzo

Why should a yogi take time to focus on the fundamentals? By taking the time to slow down and bring awareness to the fundamental postures you are not only practicing in a way that will support your practice for longevity and health, but you are taking the time to arrive, wake up, and connect to the truth in who you are today.  When we are able to be in the present moment we are able to make compassionate choices for ourselves and in our practice, and ultimately accept who we are as we show up both on and off the mat.

Does anyone need to have experience prior to coming to the workshop? ALL curious students are welcome to attend this workshop.

What should someone wear/bring? A yoga mat, water, towel, and any other props you feel you need, blocks and straps will be provided by Hoppy Yoga 🙂

Join Nina at Ballast Point Brewing on March 19th for her “Tune Up Your Practice” Workshop!

To sign up, visit www.hoppyyoga.com