Hungry after beer and yoga? 8-post Hoppy Snacks to keep you feeling good!

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Hello Hoppy Yogis,

We wanted to support you with healthy snack ideas to bring with you to enjoy with your brew post yoga.

Besides having a light breakfast prior to yoga, these snacks will keep you hydrated and nourished as you get your taste on.

If you want a sweet snack try:

1. Lara Bars: These handy bars are @ Trader Joe’s and come in many flavors. Try to purchase the one with the lowest sugars (<12 grams)

2. Goji Berries & Caco Nibs: This combination has potent antioxidants and is wonderful at restoring your energy after extra downward dogs.

3. Organic Food Bars: This bar is more substantial than the Lara Bar, especially if you have an extra taster. Protein is my favorite flavor, however it also comes in chocolate.

4. A piece of fresh fruit and a handful of raw nuts: Try to bring an organic apple or any fruit that is in season with a big handful of raw nuts of your choice and enjoy.

If you want a savory snack try:

1. Grass-fed Beef Jerky: These savory snacks are perfect with the right IPA and a great protein source for replenishing your body.

2. Kind Bars: This company came out with some amazing flavors of bars to pair with your brew. I would recommend these on a more occasional basis due to the puffed grains which can challenge digestion.

3. Roasted nuts: Try to purchase 1/2 raw and 1/2 roasted and combine so you can enjoy the flavor and also receive quality nutrition from the raw.

4. Enhance your water bottle with cucumber, lemon, lime and basil. This refreshing water will pair with the beer and help you stay hydrated through out the day.

See you at the breweries,

Heather Fleming