We are handsy


“Touch has a memory.” –John Keats

If you’ve ever had an amazing experience during an assist in a yoga posture you probably remember it.  Someone wedged their foot between your scapula while leveraging your arms, suddenly something opened up and somewhere in that chasm was bliss.

We humans are wired to crave touch. If you are one of the 15 million viewers of Brene Brown’s TED Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability,” you now know connection is indispensable, which Brown describes as two people who can give and receive without judgment.  In yoga class we call this, adjusting.

So, why are we so touchy? With no other intention but to serve your highest good, we are here to lend a hand and ensure you are safe.  Some additional benefits of hands-on work include: Proper alignment

  • Help to prevent injury
  • A deeper experience in the pose
  • Information about the anatomy of the postures
  • Release of tension from areas that do not need to be working
  • Establishment of trust
  • Uplifting encouragement

By the way, your pose looks great! So, don’t worry if we are giving you extra attention.  Hopefully skilled guidance will enhance your expression, but please let us know if we should take into consideration injuries or ANY reason why physical assists might not be appropriate.  You own your body and your experience and only YOU know what will make it great.