Our Story

“Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.”
― Ray Bradbury


It started at one brewery.  An 1894 historic building, once the home to Wonder Bread and now Mission Brewery, where we rolled out the mats and set down roots for what we love: yoga and craft beer.  It didn’t take long to realize there were others out there with similar intentions.  Now, we are a community of people who do more than just practice poses–we want to have fun, support local breweries and businesses, connect with each other and play with yoga postures.  The foundation of Hoppy Yoga™ is based on the students, who continue to support our efforts, attend our classes and inspire us to love what we do.  Check out this video and hear from our students why pairing yoga and craft beer is such a good fit.
Video credit: Matt Ellenbogen