Brew Rendezvous: Full of Posers

When people find out I teach yoga, their question inevitably is, “Where do you teach?”

“I teach yoga in breweries,” I say, and then I wait for one of two things: a jubilant jaw drop or a dumbfounded head tilt. Of course there’s an easy follow up to those who seem excited about it, “I know, isn’t it fun? It’s called Hoppy Yoga. Come check it out!” With those that seem a little critical, “Oh, you wonder how yoga in a brewery makes sense? Well, it’s yoga and it’s fun, so come check it out!”

Confession: A year ago, I learned that San Diego Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) would be hosting their First Annual Brew Rendezvous, a benefit for childhood obesity prevention. This is where you insert a vision of me with that dumbfounded head tilt saying, “Hmmm…childhood obesity prevention and beer? Do those go together?” OMG, I’m the C-R-I-T-I-C!

A year of consciousness and Hoppy Yoga business plan later, it only made sense for us to ask CHIP if we could be part of the Second Annual Brew Rendezvous held May 18 at the SILO Makers Quarter. We were delighted when they gave us a booth.

The intention of Hoppy Yoga is to build a community with our shared passions: yoga and fun. The purpose of the Brew Rendezvous is to celebrate the unique role craft brewers, local growers, and restaurateurs to play in cultivating community and promoting health. Is this a sham? Are we posing as organizations that endorse health and well-being just so we can turn around and get boozy? No. Are we organizations that endorse health and well-being, pose and get boozy? You betcha!

Find out how you too can pose at Hoppy Yoga!

A big thank you to SDCHIP for allowing Hoppy Yoga to participate. Can’t wait for year three!